Baby Brain Part II – Explaining the Zodiak?

OK I’m going to float a theory here. Have you ever noticed that the stereotypes […]


Baby Brain Part I – Imprinting Nature

Wintertime on Washington State’s outer coast is a surreal time of year. On some days, […]


Hiking the Fall Transition Zones

The intermittent fog lifted to reveal a dramatic  lake, worthy of a postcard. Before me, […]

Blue Lake near the North Cascades National Park is an ideal late season day hike

Our Family’s Spirit Animal

Our family spirit animal revealed itself to us the night we got engaged. We were […]


Camping With a Newborn – a Bad Idea?

As new parents, you’re bound to make your share of mistakes. When we decided to […]


The Hike Under the Mountain

You know that part in The Lord of the Rings, when the fellowship is making […]


A New Kind of Adventure

I have a ridiculously large gap between my first two toes.  It’s big enough to […]


Stealth Camping the National Forests

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you plan a weekend camping trip, reserve a space […]


Vashon Island Kayaking Photos

Jeff has an article running in the Seattle Times this week about Vashon Island kayaking. […]

Paddling up Judd Creek has a post-apocalyptic feel to it

Cultural Highlights from the Great Bear Rainforest

Indigenous people have lived in the Bella Coola valley for a long time.  Nobody knows […]


Nimmo Bay Slideshow

When we travel, Amanda and like to put ourselves in places to succeed, and then […]


Exploring More of the Great Bear Rainforest

We’ve been hiking around the Bella Coola valley (searching for bears of course – lots […]