Our Family’s Spirit Animal

Our family spirit animal revealed itself to us the night we got engaged. We were […]


Camping With a Newborn – a Bad Idea?

As new parents, you’re bound to make your share of mistakes. When we decided to […]


The Hike Under the Mountain

You know that part in The Lord of the Rings, when the fellowship is making […]


A New Kind of Adventure

I have a ridiculously large gap between my first two toes.  It’s big enough to […]


Stealth Camping the National Forests

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you plan a weekend camping trip, reserve a space […]


Vashon Island Kayaking Photos

Jeff has an article running in the Seattle Times this week about Vashon Island kayaking. […]

Paddling up Judd Creek has a post-apocalyptic feel to it

Cultural Highlights from the Great Bear Rainforest

Indigenous people have lived in the Bella Coola valley for a long time.  Nobody knows […]


Nimmo Bay Slideshow

When we travel, Amanda and like to put ourselves in places to succeed, and then […]


Exploring More of the Great Bear Rainforest

We’ve been hiking around the Bella Coola valley (searching for bears of course – lots […]


Early Photos From the Great Bear Rainforest

We’ve been in the Great Bear Rainforest for a few days now, touring around the […]

The valley community of Bella Coola feels like Alaska, Yosemite and Jackson Hole rolled into one

Babymooning in the Great Bear Rainforest

It’s  commonly understood that working as a freelance writer isn’t a great way to earn […]

A Kermode Spirit Bear.  Copyright National Geographic

A Great Hike for a Spring Weekend

If you’re in the mood for a great day hike that won’t leave you gassed […]

Ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall?