About Us

We are Seattle natives Jeff Layton and Amanda Gatlin.  Married in May 2011, we vowed to always seek new adventures, and this blog is an outpouring of that sentiment.

Jeff is a freelance writer and photographer landing steady work with The Seattle Times, Alaska Airlines Magazine and Journey Magazine, among others.  He also owns a boutique deck construction company in Seattle called Open Space Design.  Amanda is a User Experience designer at tech startup Everymove.org

We hope reading these pages inspires you, fills you with wanderlust and helps you discover the wonders this world has to offer.

… across savannah and tundra, by northern lights and candle light.
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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Please include me in your postings! Me? I’m a childhood friend of Tom and Dave. BTW I’ve seen other of your photos…may I say, you are good.

  2. Harry and I have enjoyed reading about your travels so very much. Amanda I think we live down the street from your Dad.

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